Here are some commonly asked questions from our patients. If your question is not answered, please contact us! Also pleases check news/blog section for regular update.

Q: Is scaling/clean bad for you? I always have gaps in between my teeth after the clean

A: No. Scaling is mandatory for the healthy gums and periodontium. It only removes the plaque and does not damage the tooth/gum. Gaps you feel after clean is due to the removal of tartar that were built up between the teeth.

Q: Can I have exact quote over the phone?

A: Unfortunately no. The rough estimates can be given but the due to the complexity of dentistry, it is quite difficult to give exact price. For example, the price of the fillings differ with the number of surfaces involved and the price of the root canal depends on the number of ‘canals’ in the tooth. More accurate quote could be given upon the consultation with the patient.

Q: Is your equipment sterile?

A: Yes. At Digital Dentistry, patient’s well being is our priority. We are following the infection control guide given by the governing body and are equipped with high quality dental sterilizers.

Q: Do you see children?       

A: Yes we do! We love to see the kids. We also accept the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule as well. However depending on the age of the children and complexity of the work, your kids might be referred to paediatric dentist.

Q: Is there any treatment that can not be performed at your practice?

A: Yes. We work closely with the specialists in different fields and any complex cases such as difficult extraction, complicated periodontal problem, orthodontics or dental implant cases can be referred to a specialist.

Q: Do I need to let you know with my medical history?

A: Yes. We need to know very detailed history of medical history including any medications you are taking and any surgeries that you have undergone in the past or any surgery that are due. Some dental work can be invasive and should be carefully performed or postponed if necessary depending on your medical history.