Crown and CEREC

A crown or a cap is the treatment of choice when strengthening of the tooth is required. Our teeth are made of hard minerals and through its lifespan it does a lot of chewing, grinding, sometimes gets decayed, fillings and root canaled. These processes weaken the teeth leading to fractures and cracks.

A crown encases the prepared tooth and prevents the tooth from getting any further cracks or damage. In addition to that, a crown can also improve the colour and shape of the tooth, giving the patient a more pleasing appearance.

At Digital Dentistry we do the conventional crown where we take the impression of the tooth and send it to the technician but we are also proud to provide a service that is a single visit using the CEREC system.

It is done by taking and optical scan of the tooth, designing the crown with software and the 3D printer manufacturing the crown while you wait. The whole process takes under 90 minutes. Please click on the link for further information.



 A veneer involves minimal removal of the facial surface of the tooth and bonding of a thin layer of the porcelain. A veneer can mask the dark stains on an underlying tooth, reduce the size of the gaps between the teeth and change the shape of the tooth. In addition a veneer can also prevent the chipping of the edges of the tooth.

A veneer can be placed on the patient’s tooth in a single visit using the CEREC system as well.