Digital Implant

Dental implant is the best treatment to replace missing tooth/teeth. Although it is a bit more financially committing than a removable plate or bridge, it gives patients a reliable result and is regarded semi permanent with proven record of 30 years though crown may need to be replaced.

 At Digital Dentistry, we are proud that we provide digital implants with custom designed Surgical guide, so that it is call digitally guided implant. Surgical guide is made by combining the data of your CT scan and the mould taken form your mouth to guide the dental implant to be placed in very precise position. In most cases there is no need for incision, stitches and the surgery can be done in less than 30 minutes.

It consists of following steps

  1. Consultation – This is a very important step. We need thorough examination of not only your teeth, gum and bone but full medical history including the past surgery, medication that you are taking as well.
  2. Impression and Scan – Mould of upper and lower teeth taken and patient is referred to adjacent radiology clinic for CT scan
  3. Using the 3D model, the technician will analyze possible surgical plans and test each one in a series of mock surgeries to determine the optimal surgical approach for you.
  4. Once we receive the implant guide, one of our team member will contact you to orgaznie the surgery date!